Thursday, March 15, 2018

Let’s call this a sabbatical

After 11 years of writing about our local sports in and around Elk Grove, both on this blog and in th pages of the Elk Grove Citizen, I am stepping away. Call it maybe a sabbatical. I just don’t know when I may return to my sports writing.

Nothing really happened to cause me to want to step away. Call it life.

I am once again teaching at Cosumnes River College and that is a very positive experience. Just ask any teacher at any level and they can explain to you how rewarding sharing your time and knowledge with aspiring journalists can be.

Our family is growing too with the March 2nd birth of our granddaughter Andee Jo. She’s our fifth grandchild. It’s great spending Fridays and Saturdays with them and our children who have moved back to Elk Grove with their own families, rather than at one of our stinky gyms.

I have enjoyed telling people’s stories via the written word and with photos. One day I will want to do special writing projects, telling the story of some one or something special. I will keep the door open.

But, in the interim, please use these pages as a reference or a resource of the past 11 or 12 years.

I do plan to be fairly active on Twitter @egsportscorner. And, I continue to put together the Daily Read, a compilation of stories written by those I follow on Twitter.

So, thanks for following the Sports Corner. I’m certain we will all cross paths one day.

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